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Epiphany Counseling,

Consulting & Treatment


A private practice based in California with tele-health and in-person options.


Project Breakdown

ECCTS is a private therapy practice servicing the Los Angeles and San Pedro areas of California. It needed an online presence that would serve as a hub for current and new patients to access and schedule sessions with the practices’ over 30+ therapists.

Project Outcome

The Deliverables

Simple HIPAA developed a new and modern website for the ECCTS practice. An important feature that we developed was the ability for patients to match with a therapists based on their specific needs.

Scheduling & booking a session were also a top priority, as we seamlessly integrated a HIPAA Compliant portal to allow for inperson & tele-health sessions.


Our development of the ECCTS website and it’s online services has resulted in the practice’s expanded growth and multiple new partnerships.